Looking for ideas, how-to guides and reviews? The tutorials cover a spectrum of the projects that I have worked on over the years.

Comparing Web Frameworks
This series on web frameworks stemmed from the exploration of different popular programming languages and the frameworks that are built with them. The first review was Perl Catalyst. Part two of the series focused on Ruby on Rails.

Java-Based Game Engine
So for all of you who want a direct link to the zip package of the game engine in its current publicly available form, I have provided one at http://www.deanpearce.net/repository/Java/GameEngine-Alpha.zip which will give you a direct download of the entire game engine in its current state. The upload here was last updated sometime in October 2010, and there have been a lot of improvements since then, but until the code is clean, readable and documented, I won’t be uploading any updates to the engine.

Java Technologies
This was more of a way to spend an afternoon which was relaxing, but didn’t feel unproductive. The paper is stored at http://www.deanpearce.net/repository/Papers/ServerImplementation.pdf and remains in its originally written state. Any comments on the content of the paper would be appreciated, as well as any corrections or incorrect assumptions. I hope to write another short paper sometime in the near future, along with my Operating Systems term paper at the end of the course. Both will be posted as they are completed.

Just a reminder, there are some other files and small projects available on my site, such as previous assignments, code samples and me just mucking about in Java, C/C++ and possibly PHP (since I’m getting back into web development). Any questions/comments can be made below, and happy coding!