Software Projects

I enjoy exploring what is possible with software. As a hobby, I enjoy writing software for personal use and to share with others. These range from publishing Perl modules on CPAN to developing fully interactive tools and websites. Most of my work is open source and available on GitHub.

CPAN Modules

I contribute my own modules to CPAN as well as submit patches to existing modules. Some of my work includes FCGI::ProcManager::MaxSize and patches for HTTPS tunneling in HTTP::Tiny. I also worked as the maintainer for DBD::Oracle, testing and pulling in patches on GitHub.


DupliFinder is a simple tool I have written to manage large collections of photos. As a hobby photographer and world traveler, I take thousands of photos, and more often than not when copying, renaming, and managing those photos, I would end up with many duplicates (beyond backups of course). I wrote this tool to recursively find similar photos and allow you to select which copy to keep.