Hardware Projects

In addition to software, I love to tinker with hardware. In the spirit of ubiquitous computing I enjoy working most with sensors that interact with the real world, as well as hardware that brings technology to places it never could before. I am a fan of the array of small computing devices such as Arduino and the Raspberry Pi, to sensors that interact with the world such as the Kinect I enjoy sneaking a peek at what a connected world will look like.


ArduinoI have been experimenting with the Arduino for some time, honing my hardware skills. I have soldered together shields for it and have used it for small sensor projects.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry_Pi_-_Model_AThe Raspberry Pi is a marvel of cheap and ubiquitous computing. I have used it as a web server, a multimedia device, and as an OS prototyping system. I have also connected the Pi to my Arduino to provide a more computing power to my senors attached to the Arduino.


ParallellaTopViewThe Parallela was born out of the need for novel ways to allow low-power multi-core computing. I am still actively experimenting with this device.


imagesThe Kinect presents a wonderful way to interact with the world. With its cameras and microphones, it can provide the hardware power necessary for real-time analysis in the environment. I have experimented with edge detection in scenes, facial recognition, and object detection.