File Systems Paper Review

For my Operating Systems theory class, we were required to write a term paper on a topic of our choice. I chose file systems, one to be a little different than the vast majority of people who were choosing the recommended topic, and two, because I see it as an area that will need a huge revamp in the coming years. The area of file systems has been a relatively quiet one as of late, the only newest advancement in public use being EXT4 for Linux operating systems. Many devices are going portable, and by effect are going flash based. I don’t blame them, in fact flash is a fantastic technology, it’s temperature tolerent, shock resistant and has lower power consumption. The problem with the technology is it wears out, and it wears out much faster than traditional media unless the issue of wear leveling is addressed in the design of the driver.

The paper details research that other individuals have done into the sustainability of file systems in various environments, and I relate them to their importance to flash memory. File systems are going to need to undergo a drastic redesign in the next few years if we are to provide faster technology that can handle higher bandwidth media either locally or through network storage. I also included a short section on DIY information for flash storage solutions out of simple USB enabled flash memory that would allow an individual to obtain speeds faster than traditional hard drives. The scope of the material is limited, but I will be posting a tutorial in the near future in relation to how to mount yourself a flash RAID out of your USB keys as well as recommended file systems for the fastest access times and wear leveling. For more information, I have posted the paper in my repository under ‘Papers’ and it is free for all to read, use and critique. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below. Also, a follow up on my Web 2.0 concepts soon to come.

Funny Web 2.0 Video and Programming Ideas

I have been into following all these Web 2.0 news bits lately so closely that I am slowly becoming a part of them. I have begun Twittering (as you may have noticed from my side bar, quite a nice addition I might add) as well as am an active member on a variety of Web 2.0 sites. I have been getting engaged in them to figure out how they do it, what makes a company like that successful.

As a developer, I would love to create something in my spare time that other people find of use, and thus I am considering working on my pet project to include a variety of features that are Web 2.0 friendly, maybe create a mashup of a few services. Aside from the great personal experience, a new service might have the potential to actually help people enjoy the web to its fullest. The service is going to be based around the movie information and review site, however I am looking at going with tighter integration into other services, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others. Will this work? Will I ever get around to putting myself into programming mode? Do I have the skills to do something like that? Those are the questions, and I can say the answer is yes, but not right now. Exam season is creeping up again, and I need to concentrate on those. Have fun coding, and look for some new code and papers in the repositories.

Movie Website Project Moving Along

So, surprisingly this week I have found some spare time, and what better to use it for than to work on my current priority project! I have begun development again for the movie website, starting with the login and listing scripts, which are probably the most complex and require the most need for security, so once I get those done I think I will be in the clear and back into easier code. So, maybe a subdomain will pop up sometime possibly even before Febuary with a semi functional site. Don’t expect it to look pretty or be really functional, but if you want to, you can start contributing to the movie database. That will take a while to grow, but I might as well start sooner than later.

And for all of you people who check the repository, I uploaded some of my older code, including the first iteration of the video game (well, the original iteration called Invasion) which was written in VB.Net! Which is incredible, and is kind of surprising that the code holds together. I had learned VB.Net in a week before starting the project in high school! I never knew I could learn a new language that quickly, though looking back, its obvious I hadn’t mastered it. I forgive myself though, considering it went from an idea to a finished product in under 3 months! I am pretty proud of that fact, and you can find the entire original project package at the subdomain in all its original completion glory!