Suddenly, Problems!

I hadn’t noticed that  the forum turned into a spam dump over the past week, and for those who might have been reading it and possibly have gotten offended, I apologize. I have taken the forum down for now since it seems that very few people were using it, but to those who were using it and left positive comments for me, thank you! It’d be great if you could leave comments on my main blog page and in the Coder’s Corner. I was just so shocked when I logged into the forum and saw that kind of spam. I promise it won’t happen again.

In other news, the past couple weeks have been quite crazy. Assignment after assignment and never seem to be making it anywhere. The upside is there should be some code snippets up in the repository sometime this evening from new projects, including C# and generating RPC capable code with rpcgen (in Linux) and using IDL files in Windows (.Net). Pretty exciting stuff. Other than that, I doubt that I will have much code to post as we move into the spring season, and thus exam time. My Java 2D game got approved for SourceForge, and soon the code will be up with full subversionning support! I look forward to this, because I would love to see the community contribute to the code, and fix what I obviously broke (or not so obviously haha). Anyways, I should be working on assignments as I post this, so I will leave you with this short update. Happy coding!

Updating the Repository

After nearly a month absence, I return! Well, not really gone as much as out of sight. I’ve been busy preparing for and writing midterms, and doing assignments and travelling. Boston near the beginning of my disappearance, home for reading week and out and about with friends. Now that I’ve got the travel bug out of my system, I’m back and ready to develop. First thing I’ve done since my return was update the repository. It now functions a lot better, and looks cleaner and prettier. Hopefully I can get the kinks worked out of it, but I do know of the issue where it’s not accessible from, so I’ve changed the link (and you should change yours too) to point to For some reason it rends fine when pointed to from that directory. Probably some strange little error in my script, but I think it looks pretty good for a few hours of work and hacking together code. It also allows for inline code previews, line numbering and syntax highlighting, so its easier to click through the source. I will be adding a zip file to each directory so you can download the source as a zip package, and I will be including project files and makefiles so the code can be built and tested with ease.

And sometime in the next day or so, I will be putting v0.2 of the Game Engine online! This version adds fixed animation support, more packet options, a simple HUD (heads up display), double buffering and (if you want to play with it) the ability to change play area sizes. The SmoothAnimation class didnt make the cut for this release of the game unfortunately, but there is a sample MusicPlayer class built on some FOSS Java MP3 libraries which makes its debut. I will be working to release SmoothAnimation and the completed MusicPlayer classes sometime this month, then I will unfortunately be slowing work on the Java version of the game in favour of working in C# with DirectX. This will allow for a complete client and server rewrite, and I will be using a new network model and graphics model for the game. It will be exciting, but it will also depend on my free time. Here’s to hoping!

In other news, if anyone wants an FTP account for the repository, please just email me or drop a comment below with a way to contact you and I will provide up to 250MB of storage space for your source code that you want to be publically visibile. Happy coding!

Windows 7 (A Quick Look)

So early last week I managed to get into the Windows 7 public beta (unfortunately, they didn’t open it for my level of MSDN/TechNet subscription) and I decided to give it a shot. And thus far, it is like every other beta product I have tried from Microsoft: love at first run. Right from the start, the operating system felt smooth and responsive, managed to take care of all my driver requirements (except for my webcam, cheap Chinese brand, low driver support). Apart from the hundreds of technical improvements (no more Windows 3.0 fonts dialog, yay!) they really brought some powerful new software design concepts to the table, their biggest being the “superbar” (their name, not mine) that replaced the aging legacy taskbar. It truely feels like what Windows should have been for years.

Anyways, I will be doing a more in depth review of Windows 7 when I get to finish playing with all the features, and start to push through the pile of assignments growing on my desk. So, hopefully sometime next week I will have my full website back in the swing of things, and be back open for business in all areas. I did re-add some of the links to the repository and forum for those of you who are just itching to get your hands on the build of the game that I did a month and a half ago (haha, I kid but I will release a newer build soon, this one including audio, fast rendering and a new tileset. Exciting!). And as usual, I encourage people to talk in the comments or on the forum!

Total Website Refresh

Hey, sorry I haven’t had much of a chance to post in the last while, but there has been too much going on to remember to log some time on my blog! With that being said, I’ve decided to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress, and by upgrade I mean take all my old content down and start from scratch. The site was starting to stagnate anyways, besides, this will give me a chance to try my hand at writing a WordPress plugin again that might be of use (and not out of date). Some of the posts will be redone over time, as I actively start focusing on my projects again.

My first project priority will be a new project (I decided to put the CMS on hold after discovering some already existing fancy ones that do more than I needed, but that’s for another post) that I’ve dreamed up as of late. It’s going to be a movie database/user review site. I haven’t ever found a decent site for users to rate movies and make top 10 lists and write reviews, plus it will be a good project to get me back into PHP and XHTML. My hardware project is still in the design phase (mostly because I can’t find a decently priced supplier of the hardware components I need), but that project will be a bigger one once I get building. This school thing is what gets in my way of making progress on anything, haha.

Regardless, I hope you like the new (cleaner, more ‘secure’ apparently — like that ever lasts in web development) website. The forum still exists and the repository and other resources will all be linked up soon for you to enjoy. I’m also adding a Coder’s Corner section, where I can post awesome (in my mind anyways) snippets of code that I’ve produced over the years, and I will encourage readers to do the same! We’re all in this together, programming should be as collaborative as possible, regardless of where you are in the world.