About Me

Hello, I’m Dean Pearce, a software developer based in Toronto, Canada. I am passionate about software and it’s impact on the world. My life-long interested in technology focused into software engineering in high school. As a result I obtained my Bachelor of Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I enrolled in the Master of Computer Science program, completing the majority of my study work however I did not complete my thesis. I began working professionally as a co-op student for various companies, and worked my way into the technology lead position at Pythian. In 2018, I relocated to Toronto to work for Scotiabank, first as a full-stack developer consultant and later as a full-time senior data engineer.

While work pays the bills, I am passionately interested in technology and its impact on society. From social media, to data collection, to future technologies such as augmented reality and AI, I have touched every area either professionally or acaedemically. As an undergraduate my thesis focus was on augmented reality and it’s application to everyday use. As a graduate student I studied primarily data-related topics such as big data and AI. Professionally I now work in the Analytics group at the Digital Factory, exposing me to big data and data analysis on a daily basis. In my spare time I read and research socio-political topics such as astroturfing and manipulation and how it has scaled up to a large audience in the era of social media.

I am always interested in learning new technologies and techniques in software engineering. These days I hack primarily in JavaScript and Python, though I have a fairly extensive background in Perl and C# as well. I prefer to focus on the theory and methodology rather than specific languages.